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The team has found its happy new home at the address below. New riders and volunteers are welcome, please follow the links on the relevant pages where you will find helpful information and contact details to register your interest.

                               WESTON EQUESTRIAN CENTRE
                                            MORTON LANE
                                      WESTON LONGVILLE
                                         NORWICH NR9 5JL

               New email address:    broadlandrda@gmail.com

The Riding for the Disabled Association Incorporating Carriage Driving is a nationally registered charity. Therapy at RDA includes all the benefits that result from our activities and promotes physical and mental well-being. Riding provides physiotherapy on the move; the warmth and three-dimensional movement of the horse is transmitted through the body, helping riders to relax, become stronger or more supple, improving posture, balance and co-ordination.

Since 1999 each group has become an independent charity under the umbrella of the central RDA charity. Norfolk Broadland Group is unique as far as we know in Norfolk in catering solely for adults over the age of 18 with many forms of learning disability, behaviour problems, physical and sensory problems. We do not have our own facilities but rely on hiring horses at a Redhall Livery Stables, a riding centre situated a few miles north of Norwich, and depend entirely upon volunteers and fund raising to make our activities possible. Carriage Driving is not available at our centre.

Our riders currently attend fortnightly, in groups of three or four, on Wednesday morning during school term times, including half term. Each session lasts half an hour and is paid for in advance, termly.

Please browse this site to find out more about the group and decide whether you, or a member of your family, would like to join us as a rider or helper, whether in a practical way or through a donation.