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We are delighted to say that that our adult RDA group will be re-opening
at Weston Equestrian Centre from 1st November 2017.

All our riders will be contacted directly and all are welcome to resume their sessions
at the new venue.
Happily they will recognise two old friends: Solomon and Shamus, who have made the
move with us.

Any new riders over 18 who would like to join our group are most welcome:
please contact the group in the first instance by leaving a message on our group
telephone number at the bottom of this page: leave your name, contact details
(phone number and/or email) and any brief details you feel would be relevant.

DO please read the information on this and other pages of this website
which will give you much helpful information.

Our group caters only to adult riders over the age of 18 in receipt of PIP. Many of those who ride with us have been attending for years and look forward eagerly to their sessions.
Currently fees are £13 a session payable termly in advance.

For our riders it is a time of enjoyment as well as physical exercise: it offers the chance of socialising with a different group of people who come to know them well. The contact with the horse is profoundly rewarding: some withdrawn riders who have little or no speech will talk to the horse, even if only to say “Walk on,” “Whoa!” or whatever sound is to them the equivalent of such a command; the hyperactive and noisy calm down in response to the gentle movement of the horse; most will stroke or pat the horse even when they resist physical contact with other people.

All sessions are held in a covered school and only the most extreme of weather conditions force us to cancel.

We regret we do not have a hoist so that in order to mount a rider must be able to climb 3-4 steps, with help. We have a trained mounting team of helpers who support the rider on both sides of the horse when mounting and dismounting. Trained volunteers will lead the horse and up to two will walk on either side according to need.

Progress is slow and lessons often repetitive as many have short attention spans; many will not in the strict sense of the word make progress, the aim in that case is to use muscles which are less used in a sedentary life, to maintain a degree of physical balance and flexibility. It may seem a simple game to put a coloured ring over a matching cone or drop a ball into a bucket, but it focuses concentration, reinforces colour recognition, provides an interaction between the rider and side helper and builds confidence when stretching and reaching.

Other riders may make real progress, achieving national grade tests in riding and horse care, learning to ride off lead, guiding their mount around obstacles and achieving a new degree of independence.

Click here for information on how to dress for safety and comfort when horse riding.

We are happy to recommend Wroxham Saddlery for all riding equipment; the staff are experienced at fitting suitable riding helmets with the up-to-date kitemarks, and advising on any other clothing needs.
Wroxham Saddlery, Church road, Hoveton, tel: 01603 783995

We currently have a few spaces for new riders with a weight limit of 12 stone as our horses’ carrying capability must be respected. If you or anyone you know would like to register an interest, please contact the Group Instructor by email in the first instance, leaving your name, address, landline telephone number and/or email, age and weight of rider, and brief indication of disability; we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Current riders may leave a voice or text message on the group number: 07799 171945

All riders must complete a Rider Application Form which you can download and print.